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Each week, Ari Santiago interviews a thriving manufacturing leader to share the positive messages around the industry with two goals:

1) To share best practices amongst manufacturing business leaders to help each other to grow and succeed

2) To spread the word that manufacturing is a growing part of our economy and offers exciting opportunities for incredible, well-paying careers 


Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP a Technology Managed Service Provider with offices from Miami to Milwaukee and down the eastern seaboard. He has a passion for the manufacturing industry and the incredible impact it makes on our economy.


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Dec 31, 2019

On this week's episode of the Made in America podcast, we are focusing on an important theme we've talked about with so many of our guests: Workforce Development. Each of our guests has had a different and unique take on how they find, recruit, and build manufacturing talent. Our guests talked about what they do in...

Dec 24, 2019

Special guests:

Clive Cunliffe, President North America - Pietro Rosa Group (New England Airfoil Products)

Tim Backus, President & CEO, Har-Conn Chrome

Tim Ulles, CEO, Numet Machining Techniques, Inc

Alyce Stiles, Associate Director of Experiential STEM Education, CCAT

Recorded live at the ACM Aerospace Alley Tradeshow...

Dec 17, 2019

The Lee Company in Westbrook, CT has had incredible growth and success over the years. In this episode Marietta Lee, VP and Corporate Secretary, talks about her bumpy road to the family business and the value of starting from the bottom. Ari and Marietta discuss the importance of appreciating and investing in your...

Dec 10, 2019

David Lehman, Commissioner of the DECD, is a dedicated public official working to create the best potential business atmosphere in CT. He not only understands the challenges, but believes in the possibilities!

Commissioner Lehman shared with Ari his background in the private sector and discussed why that enables him to...

Dec 3, 2019

Special guests:
Michael Polo, President, ACMT, 00:30
Albert Pucino, Director of Incumbent Training, Goodwin College 12:09
Brian Montanari, President and CEO, HABCO Industries, 18:11
Jacqueline Gallo, General Manager, Whitcraft Group, 25:43
Sal Menzo, Superintendent, Wallingford Schools, 40:30

This is our second of...