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Each week, Ari Santiago interviews a thriving manufacturing leader to share the positive messages around the industry with two goals:

1) To share best practices amongst manufacturing business leaders to help each other to grow and succeed

2) To spread the word that manufacturing is a growing part of our economy and offers exciting opportunities for incredible, well-paying careers 


Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP a Technology Managed Service Provider with offices from Miami to Milwaukee and down the eastern seaboard. He has a passion for the manufacturing industry and the incredible impact it makes on our economy.


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Produced by Miceli Productions -

Jul 1, 2024

In sectors of manufacturing that remain "dirty jobs", like foundries and casting, it's even more important to have a fantastic company culture, where word of mouth brings in new employees and liking what you do is paramount. On this episode, Ari talks to Chris deGruchy, Principal and General Manager of Cast Rite Metal,...

Jun 17, 2024

Discover how AtmosAir's groundbreaking bipolar ionization technology has been a game-changer for indoor environments. President and CEO, Steve Levine, delves into the challenges of proving the technology's efficacy and its eventual adoption by professional sports teams. 

Steve discusses the technology's significant...

Jun 3, 2024

In this week's episode, discover how the multifaceted company, Virginia Industries - consisting of Hartford Technologies' (balls and bearings) and Bingham and Taylor (access solutions for water and gas) - has navigated nearly 100 years of twists and turns to stay relevant. 


Laura and Ari discuss many tough decisions...

May 20, 2024

On this episode, Kate Hampford Donahue, CEO of Hampford Research, discusses the transformative journey of taking over her father's specialty chemical company.


Without a background in the chemical industry, Kate embraced a new kind of leadership, using skills gained throughout her early career. She recounts the...

May 6, 2024

Adapting and thriving through uncertainty and change is one thing that Jack Birtwell, President and Owner of Porter Preston, knows well!


On this episode, Jack shares his journey and how he turned a career setback into a successful enterprise. He and Ari delve into the importance of supportive partnerships - both his...