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Each week, Ari Santiago interviews a thriving manufacturing leader to share the positive messages around the industry with two goals:

1) To share best practices amongst manufacturing business leaders to help each other to grow and succeed

2) To spread the word that manufacturing is a growing part of our economy and offers exciting opportunities for incredible, well-paying careers 


Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP a Technology Managed Service Provider with offices from Miami to Milwaukee and down the eastern seaboard. He has a passion for the manufacturing industry and the incredible impact it makes on our economy.


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Jul 27, 2021

This week we are so excited to release our 2 year anniversary episode which celebrates the Made in America podcast and highlights some of our former podcast guests!

Over the past 2 years we have had over 100 guests on the show, who share their success stories and words of wisdom. Ari's last two questions are the ones that stick out the most: "What has propelled you to the success you've had and what advice would you give your young self?"

We are highlighting a few of these answers in hopes that it inspires others to do great things in the manufacturing community and help build a future of success.

Please share this episode with other manufacturers and business leaders, so we can learn and grow together!

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