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This podcast is a great resource for manufacturing leaders in CT and Western Mass to learn from each other. Each week Ari Santiago interviews a thriving local manufacturing leader and discovers the secrets to their success.  

Learn great tips and best practices as these leaders tell their personal and business stories. Discover the strategies they have used to start, develop, and grow their business - leadership, sales, marketing, investments, spin-offs/mergers, culture and so much more!  


Ari Santiago is the President, CEO and Founder of IT Direct, a Technology Managed Service Provider in Hartford, CT. He has a passion for the manufacturing industry and the incredible impact it is making on our local economy. IT Direct focuses on providing its manufacturing clients the technology, support, and strategic guidance they need to not only meet their business goals but to drive future success. 


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Sep 24, 2019

Severine Zygmont, President of OPM Biomedical, has the passion, curiosity and patience required to be a great leader. In today's episode of Made in America with Ari Santiago, Severine dives into her own background, the history of Oxford Performance Materials (OPM), and the innovations that have brought OPM to the forefront of medical manufacturing technology.

On top of that, Severine shares her clear excitement and passion for the technology and manufacturing communities in CT. She talks to Ari about the great work of organizations such as the Connecticut Technology Council and the investments of Connecticut Innovations and other state organizations which helped get OPM to where they are today.

This episode covers everything from PEKK to patents and so much more in between. Learn all about the world of medical device manufacturing!

Severine Zygmont: Oxford Performance Materials/OPM Biomedical
Phone: 860.698.9300

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