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Each week, Ari Santiago interviews a thriving manufacturing leader to share the positive messages around the industry with two goals:

1) To share best practices amongst manufacturing business leaders to help each other to grow and succeed

2) To spread the word that manufacturing is a growing part of our economy and offers exciting opportunities for incredible, well-paying careers 


Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP a Technology Managed Service Provider with offices from Miami to Milwaukee and down the eastern seaboard. He has a passion for the manufacturing industry and the incredible impact it makes on our economy.


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Jan 31, 2023

In this episode, Ari and Chris DiPentima, President and CEO of CBIA, talk about the current state of the CT economy and how the "Transform Connecticut 2023 Policy Solutions" will help unlock Connecticut's true economic potential.


These policy solutions sit in 3 main buckets:

  • Cost of doing business

Jan 24, 2023

In this episode, Gavin Watson, Chairman of Conscious Capitalism CT, talks about Conscious Capitalism and how it uses our current understanding of evolutionary biology to enable business to run in a way that makes people happier and more productive, while still making a profit.


Gavin talks in depth about the 4 main...

Jan 17, 2023

ERPs can be extremely valuable, or a giant headache - it all depends on implementation! If you are considering investing in an ERP system, or you are struggling with your ERP and considering whether to find a new one…this is an episode you won't want to miss!

Ari talks to Paul Tedford, CEO of Synergy Resources, about...

Jan 10, 2023

In this episode, Denis Gagnon, President of Excel Dryer, shares the passion that has created the top selling hand dryer in the world. He risked it all and won by developing, along with his talented engineers, the best possible product on the market. 

He is proud both of the company's Made in the US designation as well...

Jan 3, 2023

This Ari-only Made in America podcast episode wraps up some great information from 2022 and gets you ready to succeed in 2023.

Ari pulls together top ideas for workforce development from guests throughout the year and wraps it into a nice neat package in the first half of this episode.

Then, he moves into the important...