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Each week, Ari Santiago interviews a thriving manufacturing leader to share the positive messages around the industry with two goals:

1) To share best practices amongst manufacturing business leaders to help each other to grow and succeed

2) To spread the word that manufacturing is a growing part of our economy and offers exciting opportunities for incredible, well-paying careers 


Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP a Technology Managed Service Provider with offices from Miami to Milwaukee and down the eastern seaboard. He has a passion for the manufacturing industry and the incredible impact it makes on our economy.


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Oct 24, 2023

Architectural lighting may not be something you think about often- but most people notice when it's really great or really bad!


In this episode, Allie Schieffelin, Owner and CEO of The Lighting Quotient, talks about lighting design and engineering and how this 100+ year old company has shifted with the times and trends.


Did you know that LEDs made a HUGE shift in the world of lighting? Neither did we…but the pendulum swings both ways and the direct lighting sources which dominated early LED lighting are now swinging back to reflective lighting that is more decorative and easier on the eyes.  


Allie and Ari also talk about topics like "machine envy", respect for tradespeople and the training needs that every manufacturer faces.


Allie's favorite business book:  Start with Why, Simon Sinek


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